"Veiling-Unveiling" Photography Exhibition

Khayal Association (Lebanon), Une Terre Culturelle (France), and Dock Europe (Germany) are pleased to invite you to the Photography Exhibition:

Voiler/Dévoiler – Verdecken/Entdecken – الظاهر والمخفي

Held for 1 Day only on

Friday the 23rd of March, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Saifi Urban Gardens - The Cave

Within the framework of “Veiling/Unveiling – Intercultural Learning Through Photography” With the support of OFAJ (Office Franco-allemand pour la jeunesse) and Institut Francais - Liban.

30 participants from 3 countries (10 Lebanese, 10 German and 10 French) showcase their photos addressing the meanings behind contemporary issues in multicultural societies:

Hiding, Veiling, Concealment    Versus    Showing, Unveiling, Discovery

“Veiling/Unveiling” is a 3-phase intercultural seminar gathering 30 participants from different backgrounds (social workers, animators, artists, etc.) from Lebanon, Germany and France and spanning 3 cities: Hamburg, Beirut and Marseille.

Participants learn to adopt a constructive approach relying on photography and perception to examine why and how people hide or show certain topics or objects, or even their own bodies.

The project aims to overcome prejudices based on stereotypes and misrepresentations in the media by promoting tolerance and encouraging integration.

2nd Phase: Beirut, March 17-24, 2012

1 week of exploration around the acts of veiling, hiding and concealing objects and people, including:

  • Intercultural Animations
  • Initiation to Digital Photography & Photography Workshops
  • 1-Day Photography Exhibition on Friday the 23rd of March

The 3rd and final phase of the seminar will take place in Marseille in November 2012.

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